Friday, March 1, 2013

Why do we love our pets so much?

I'm looking at you looking at me and wondering why you're not taking me home? I would if I had a house but I don't plus I have 5 cats. Try to balance that equation.

Look into those doleful eyes, those floppy ears, that wet nose and try to envision his unconditional love that most pets give to their owners. It's a powerful thing, this unconditional love. It has spiritual overtones. It speaks of the nobility of the animal kingdom when compared to the social bonds of the human one.

The comfort and surety a pet, especially a dog, provides is something for us to contemplate. We humans have holes in our lives, some larger than others. Pets can fill these voids. Maybe that's why we love them so?

My wife and I have adopted you virtually until you find a real home. Don't worry dude, I'll be back.

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