Friday, March 8, 2013

the arts aren't dead yet

That's me and Deirdre Scott, executive director of the Bronx Council on the Arts at a grants award ceremony in the Longwood Art gallery on the Hostos Community college campus.

I met her on an assignment I thought little of until I walked in the door  and met Deirdre. What an ebullient and vivacious woman, who is totally immersed in her work to make the arts in the Bronx come alive and get more respect: Bronx Council on the Arts

Getting governmental involvement and/or at least recognition for the arts and artists is not a quid pro quo activity. American culture is class conscious but only based on ones financial status whereas in Europe class is more closely equated with culture. A paradigm shift is in order but how?

just like a baby, small steps are necessary without any retreat from progress made. Small grants are being offered to encourage artists in the Bronx in their avocation and their passion. There were many happy people receiving their checks and hopefully in the future there will be more.

I feel blessed for meeting these people.

The arts aren't dead yet.

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