Sunday, March 10, 2013

Councilman James Vacca, a "standup guy"

If you live in NYC, you will see his face on TV news quite frequently. James Vacca is the chair of the Transportation Committee on the NYC Council. Here he is in the St. Patricks parade in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY. Most politicians I know I'm wary of. I always feel like they they're hiding some skeletons in a closet or in the act of putting on a friendly face while screwing someone in the ass.

Jimmy is my kind of guy. I first met him at MetroFit, a gym in Pelham Manor, another guy trying to get bigger and stronger and stay fit about 15 years ago. At that time he was District manager of community Board 10 which just happened to have the HS my daughter wanted to get into in his district. I briefly mentioned it to him while we were doing bench presses and just like that - next week we had an appt. with the principal and since my daughter had top grades, it was a done deal.

"This is unacceptable" = his most favorite sound bite on TV and most recently used in regard to the surprising increase in subway fatalities.

Hey Jimmy - thumbs up to you too!

If you ever run for Mayor, you definitely got my vote.

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