Wednesday, March 13, 2013

me and the Pope

This is something I wanted to get since I started working for my newspaper. They're not easy to get. One has to meet their stringent requirements since it seems they aren't in the habit of giving these out readily.

After going through 3 layers of security just to get into One Police Plaza, right across the street from City Hall, one goes up to the 13th floor (doesn't that alone forbode an ominous experience waiting for you?) you submit your applications with photos that have been published in the newspaper to prove you deserve this pass. I did. I meet the qualifications and then . . .

The papal announcement came on the battery of TVs in the office. I was beaten by the Pope. He got his  annunciation before I got mine. But why not? Isn't the Pope "God" on earth? Who am I?

A NYC press photographer, that's who!

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