Saturday, March 9, 2013

a shoot in Africa?

I've been offered a trip to Africa to document with my camera a new hospital project in southern Nigeria by my Nigerian friend who is a doctor. Pictures tell stories. If I go, I go to tell a story. But it's harder than one thinks. The advantage I have here is that the environment is somewhat passive and controlled with sick patients, medical personnel and construction workers.

It will be an adventure.

How does one convey the feel of traveling without depicting blurry photographs that suggest a fluidity of motion. Take the following picture for example from a small town (Stans) in Switzerland:

There are three modes of motion, two of which are human but all progressively faster and leaving the viewer to focus on the mode he/she prefers. My preference is the bicycle.

You realize you've witnessed a non sequitur evolving before you. You have chosen to go along with it or have thought to yourself, "what is he doing? where is he going?"

I'm going to Africa in december - God willing.

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