Thursday, March 28, 2013

the feminine touch

If you look good, you can sell yourself (Christine Quinn as a potential NYC mayor) and you can sell things (beautiful models selling cars at the NY Auto Show). I attended the 2nd press day at the auto show and kept asking models to pose by the cars because as I saw it, they make the cars more attractive than they already are.

Beauty gets attention but organic (human) beauty lends itself to a heightened form of aestheticism. Another thing I noticed as a photographer is that most people look way better in person than their images in the media.

But I and other photographers and videographers had a common problem = white balance or getting the lighting right. The ceiling lights were very bright but not uniformly so and in some places a different hue plus the cars were so shiny that there was a lot of reflected light going every which way. Both incidental and reflected light at the same time - an exposure metering nightmare.

The bottom line for car connoisseurs and potential buyers is what gets your attention, the looks or the technology? The looks or the real person behind the "look"?

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