Sunday, March 31, 2013

I went to a bike race and . . .

From top to bottom: Kurt Boone, a former bike messenger and and enterprising black entrepreneur with his book "Asphalt Warrior", 2010 Olympian from Mexico in the women's road race - Ingrid Drexel, seen with her team 4 pictures down,  a spectator with a pensive look at the beautiful sunset on the NYC harbor near the Statue of Liberty, 2 racing dudes with neat jerseys excited about racing, an example of the benefits of shooting in the magic hour, the hour before sunrise and sunset when the colors are simply awesome, the 3 top finishers at the press conference and finally the winning prize(s)

It was my 1st time shooting a sporting event at night and this was especially tricky because of the speed involved since there were 2, 5K running races that preceded the bike race (30K = 18.6 miles) on single speed (fixes/track bikes). A truly exciting experience and a shout-out to that cute "down-under" couple I met, she was from Australia studying law at NYU and he was from New Zealand.

Red Hook in Brooklyn seems to be a very hipster "place to be" along with Brooklyn as a whole taking on the prominence Manhattan used to have. Lots of young, good-looking, fit, smart and friendly people here.

So, I came for a bike race and bumped into a sunset - not bad for my 1st sports night shoot.

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  1. Was good to meet you Alex.

    Nice shots. I found it pretty difficult without a speedlite to get many keepers - it's pretty tricky at night especially since they are moving so fast.