Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It pays to live in NYC

You're looking at the insides of the (MET) Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue.    Where else can you jump on a bus or train (in my case from door to door) and see lots and lots of beautiful stuff and treat yourself to free excellent guided tours by superbly qualified docents who don't get rattled when you ask a lot of questions (by people like me)

Today was an experiment in trying to catch as much light as possible with the lowest ISO numbers as possible. Well, I must say that "fast glass" does the trick. In my case a 24 - 70mm, f/2.8 lens. Big and heavy, but beautifully built. Nikon makes the best lenses is what many grizzled veteran photogs tell me.  I got turned onto Nikon by my cousin who was a WWII war correspondent who regaled me with war stories where he usually extolled the durability of Nikons (Canons weren't even around then)

If you know where to go, beauty is in abundant supply. But I'm biased to the "Big Apple" Enjoy my Facebook album at : A morning at the MET

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