Saturday, March 2, 2013

Looking for a model - catching the moment

I'm thinking of trying my hand at shooting beautiful women for portraiture studies with various NYC backdrops. There's something about catching someone who's beautiful in their best light. It's both an art and a technical exercise mixed into one.

This person above was a model who was on a tour I took through Europe. She was with her boyfriend who was a professional photographer and was doing an impromptu shoot on a boat crossing Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I caught her looking this way while she was posing for him. It makes me wonder what possibilities there are if I had access to beautiful women to shoot?

There's beauty all around us. The posters were in the Swaroski factory outlet in Innsbruck, Austria and the other two from Venice, Italy. I want to catch those moments.


  1. You could start by capturing the beauty in ordinary women Alex!

  2. Ha, Jimbo's point is well made. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, and perhaps you too, because of a long athletic background, I like the look of athletic women. It narrows the range somewhat, but when you start looking you'll be surprised.