Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Old Chancellor, New Chancellor

This pensive gentleman is Dennis Walcott, NYC Chancellor of Education. He is the second Chancellor I've seen in person even though I worked as a teacher for 35 years in NYC. This new one I happened to see because of a photo assignment and the first one (Ramon C. Cortines) saw me teaching a class in summer school.

So, I saw him seeing me in action, in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals, my bike and bike clothes draped out the window to dry. Obviously, he liked what he saw if his big smile was an indication of what he thought about my teaching. Having seniors in the class who liked me helped a lot because they played their parts as eager to learn students.

Mr. Walcott I like because I found out that he is an endurance athlete - right up my alley and he worked in the system as a teacher, not some political flunky with little or no teaching experience. Lastly he understands from personal experience how violence in the community affects both education and the social network of our communities. He had a son who was a victim of violence.

He knows of what he speaks. From what I heard and saw - I like him.

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