Saturday, February 23, 2013

a concussion?! let's try a stroke

This man is pissed off. He's the chief admin of a youth football league and he's expressing his disfavor with pending legislation that would ban young children from playing tackle football. This was expressed at an awards banquet that I shot for my paper. In this moment pictured, he is speaking about the hypocrisy of this certain legislator who used to attend these functions and now has stabbed them in their back, so to speak.

I was seriously worried that he was going to suffer a stroke which I rank higher in severity than a concussion. More people survive concussions than strokes, especially at his age. But he had a point in condemning how the government wants to control our private lives to a small degree where, as he said, parents can choose to allow their children to play or not. besides, Americans have been playing football for a long time. Only now they become concerned? How about jungle gyms in playgrounds, gymnastics, "heading" in soccer, ACL's in basketball?

As a former teacher, I always wondered what factors affected my student's "native" intelligence? genetics, culture, poverty, food, but rarely thought about brain damage from concussions.

Anyway, this older gentleman survived this moment of anger, calmly announced that everyone in attendance were present to glorify their children - didn't the Brits say that character was developed on the playing fields of Eton?

I took his picture, then shook his hand while children were praised for their athletic endeavors - a good night.

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