Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are you in the light?

Light is the photographer's best friend. Without it, there would be no photographs. When you're in the light, I can both see you and take your picture. But are you really in the light?

One tenet of good photography is to always try to get the eyes in sharp focus. People see your eyes first when they see you, then other things come into view. And if it's true that your eyes are the windows to your soul, shouldn't you have clean windows?

"Beauty is truth and truth beauty" Keats said but couldn't we replace 'truth' with "light"? Light is fecund with rich metaphors and symbols. I even believe the Gnostics understood the significance of light because "gnosis" can be understood as light revealing knowledge? And for them the highest form of gnosis was ephemeral and took on spirit like qualities.

The Platonists too understood. For them reality existed first and foremost in ones mind. That's the cerebral home for light. It shines within us and emanates outward - we then take on the cloak called "charisma" People in our vicinity are blessed with our charismatic qualities (we hope)

Now comes the big question: can my camera catch your light? Are you so much in the light that my camera's exposure meter reads your light? Do you know what you know?

Are you in the light?

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