Thursday, February 21, 2013

A "garden" grows in "da Bronx"

This is a fully enclosed, climate controlled rooftop hydroponic garden. It's energy efficient, sustainable, healthy, artistic and community focused and it's in the South Bronx. For too long the Bronx has had to live with many negative stereotypes and finally it seems to be turning the corner and getting some good publicity.

Events like these that celebrate positive infrastructure growth gives me a nice warm, fuzzy feeling because for 30+ years I taught in a high school (Jane Addams) just 3 blocks away and saw firsthand the devastation that identified itself with the Bronx and for many people still does today.

It's cool to come back here (I retired from teaching in 2004) and see positive stuff like this through a different critical lens - that of a news photographer.

 . . . and God made a garden in Eden . . . maybe the Bronx is a New Eden?

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