Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here's the "new" me

Guess what? I'm now a retired teacher working as a part-time freelance newspaper photographer. What a better way to combine my new hobby of photograph with a part-time job. It's with a local paper, the "Bronx Times Reporter" which is part of the NYCNG (New York Community Newspaper Group) which includes the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Anyway, let's get to the heart of the matter. Politicians are interesting people. There's this sense of importance that they wear that's like a strong perfume. Even if they don't want to put it on, it stays with them wherever they go. They just love to have their picture taken but it's to be expected, right? That's why their politicians. They ideally strive to help people by participating in "good" government but really . . .? But what lies at the heart of the ineffable entitlement that shrouds their characters? Hmm . . . ? I'll say more about them as this blog progresses.

Now - why do people love to have their picture taken? Except for ones like the lady in the street this morning that asked not to have her picture taken because "No, not me. I might be wanted for something".

Other press photogs are also interesting. Most have been helpful to me the newbie but a few barely utter a word to anything I say to them. Do they feel threatened? It sure isn't an occupation with a great salary. The only competition I can think of is for those solo sports photography positions with pro teams. But just google their blogs and see the crazy workload they endure. Shooting the Olympics or the Super Bowl or World Cup is much more work than sporting enjoyment.

That's all for now. Still learning on the job - for me, the best way.

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