Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life is short folks and you only get one

I was speaking with a doctor this afternoon while I was waiting to do a shoot of a ribbon cutting for a new medical clinic. We were talking about medical practices and the business of medicine both in this country and in Europe. When I related some of my experiences and some of my European friends with socialized medicine, he then asked me about my trips and experiences traveling abroad.

After I related my experiences I asked him about his. I was surprised to find out that he hasn't traveled abroad. Doctors make good money so I figured he'd have traveled more than me? "Why, I asked?"

"I'm too busy running my practice and opening up new clinics." Life is short I told him as if a doctor isn't aware of the varied contingencies life throws at us. He paused, looked at me sheepishly and admitted that I was right. In my mind I'm thinking, "money is controlling his life"

I guess the older I get and watching how money walks and everything else talks, I appreciate little things more and try to max out the rest of my shortened life.

CHANGE YOUR LIFE - it's the only one you have.

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