Monday, May 27, 2013

went to shoot a parade and ended up in church

Went to my assignment early which was a Memorial Day parade on City Island which started near the Grace Episcopal Church which had a beautiful little garden with benches where I thought I'd sit and simply reflect on the beauty of the day. Before I could relax and enter a meditative state, one of the female members invited me in for coffee and cookies (little did I know that they also had chocolate donuts which caused me to break the 10th commandment "Thou shalt not covet(lust after)"

I accepted the invitation, entered the church and thereupon became a part of its history. Having seen the exterior of this church for many years as I ran by it during workouts and riding my bike there also, I never imagined the beauty and history that resided within.

Established in 1849, by Rev. Cornelius Bolton, this church is a significant part of NYC history. The Boltons were major players in the formation of other churches also and were important historical characters. See that altar window? The Rev. John Bolton (Cornelius' brother) was its artisan and inserted himself into the painting (the guy with the mutton chops holding a spear)

Finally, did you notice the design of the ceiling? Looks a little like the insides of a hull of a boat, doesn't it? Ship carpenters from the nearby David Carll Shipyard (now Consolidated Marina) built the church and its ceiling is evident in its hand-hewn beams and rafters.

I love learning new things. Don't you? Especially when you've lived most of your life clueless about its wonderful history.

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