Thursday, May 30, 2013

the Zen of golf

The guy with the cap is Jack Mulcahy.  Jack Mulcahy

We had quite an interesting conversation and now I know why. He's brilliant with a 148 IQ but more importantly a person who is truly "in the moment." Here I was, a lowly photographer speaking to this brilliant well-known actor about the spiritual component of mindfulness and how actors see and portray reality in their craft. That's why he loves golf, he told me. It makes him focus and focus keenly.

But the irony of the matter was that while we were conversing, I was valiantly trying to stay focused on just our conversation and to be in the moment. Boy, it was hard. I wonder if he picked up on that? After reflecting on this meeting, I must admit that he was the most "keeping it real" person I've ever met.

All I can say is that if you're lucky to meet him, you'll then understand what I'm saying. For now, it's probably just an ineffable piece of info for you to digest.

Today I got lucky - not the luck of getting a shot of someone's club meeting the ball but of meeting a truly fascinating person.

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