Thursday, May 2, 2013

hiring people who did time

I did a Chamber of Commerce shoot today and the rep from the NYS Dept. of Labor was making an interesting proposition: hire people who did time in prison (the formerly incarcerated). For the Bronx where I live where there is a high proportion of people in this category, it makes sense and they provide the employers with sizable tax credits.

The State is even willing to provide human resource help if necessary to keep these new employees on the "straight and narrow" path. If you're willing to invest in business, shouldn't you be willing to invest in people?

Now, for the photographs. The top one is "pure happiness'. I like to take these photos. The middle photograph is a reflection of my covetousness. I want these glasses! The bottom photo is the powerpoint slide describing the positive aspects of hiring those who have been incarcerated.

We've all made mistakes, right?

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