Saturday, June 22, 2013

"we are the social fabric of our community"

The social clubs along the shore of the Long Island Sound in Throgs Neck (Bronx) have been there for around 100 years and after Hurricane Sandy damaged them severely, they might become historical relics. The problem seems to be that insurance companies don't want to do what they say they do = insure that you will have money to repair damage that you suffer from calamities.

What they neatly and immorally do is change or define the language in their policies so that they provide minimal or no insurance at all! There's something very wrong about this and for some reason(s) millions of people who are the victims of this chicanery have no resort whatsoever. Are politicians so deeply allied with these companies and their deep pockets that they promise their voter base that they will try to help them with appropriate legislation but nothing happens?

If these clubs go belly up, neighborhoods will suffer in losing the social fabric that binds them as a collective family, maintaining traditions, customs and relationships that have stood the tides of time - until the storm surge of Sandy paid a visit.

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  1. Really really makes you wonder about insurance! Rick M.