Thursday, June 13, 2013

I can always tell when I see . . .

I can always tell when a person has a history of weight training. For many years, I lifted weights and was somewhat of a "gym rat"- (maybe I should post a pic of myself at 60?

But this is about her and others who weight train. Look at her arms. See her nice deltoid-biceps-triceps development?

Women don't get that unless they lift weights. And if you look at her legs you can see her quadriceps are well defined and quite muscular for a women.

So, I asked her and she smiled as she acknowledged that I was correct in identifying her as being involved in physique training. She then told me that she competes. I guess muscles are attracted to muscles (whatever little I still have left, LOL)

When I told her about my background and my present age (65 in August), she said, "See. That's why you look as young as you do." Bless her. She made my day.

For all my friends out there. Lift weights more. Aerobics less. You'll burn more calories even when you're doing nothing.

Go ahead. It's only iron.

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