Sunday, June 9, 2013

NY13 is finally here

This is a Seventh-Day Adventist evangelistic campaign disguised as "A series of life-changing multimedia presentations" at the Manhattan SDA church in the West Village (232 W. 11th St.). It's being given by Ted Wilson who just happens to be the General Conference President.

Most of the audience, not surprisingly were SDA's, which is usually the case for large big city campaigns such as this one. And this one is the keynote campaign for a worldwide series of campaigns geared towards large cities. What they fail to present are two important facts: 1) they are not "gay" friendly and 2) women cannot be officially ordained as pastors. And interestingly, they still have de facto segregation within their organization with what they describe as "regional conferences" set up originally for Afro-American members.

I'm curious. Are they really going to answer all the questions they pose in their pamphlets that are handed out to attendees? If so, they (SDA's) have the answers to all of our present day global concerns.

They deserve some close scrutiny. But that's what the press is for - isn't it?

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