Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a poem

An early morning running postlude

There's a race to be run 

It's still somewhat dark - a sultry softness that comes with the dawn 
As the heart slows down and breathing finds its way 
The kitchen lights are on as her quiet, smiling voice inquires, 
"Have a good run, honey?" 

The run is over but there's another to be run 

"You know, I sure love you" I say 
She smiles and quotes Shakespeare off the fridge 
"They do not love that do not show their love." 
My tired mind slowly wraps its way around this quote 

Her heart has already embraced it 

I think quickly to myself, "Is this what they call a romantic breakfast?" 
Maybe - but it's a cue for sure 
I have another run to be run 
It's an ultra one - not for miles, rather for time 

I have to run with endurance this race put before me 
I have to love this woman till I die 

So with this ultra set before me, the training has already begun 
The steps are many but the effort easy 
You see, each step is a loving one and 
This is one race that I have already won. 

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