Monday, June 10, 2013

I met a witch yesterday

Caridad De La Luz

She was awarded "The Poe Award" by the Bronx Historical Society for her work as a poet, author and community activist. She calls herself "La Bruja" - the witch.

Does she look like a witch?

I took quite a few photos of her (she is quite beautiful, don't you think?) and she didn't mind it at all. I needed to get my light metering balanced due to the harsh outdoor lighting under a tent that was doing numbers (pun intended) to my exposures.

I asked her about her "witch" status and we had an interesting conversation about how artists are inspired by their respective muses. Beyonce has one with a name even! But Caridad just felt possessed by her inspiration (not sure I'm getting this right?) But don't we all need some sort of inspiration to do our best creative work?

Isn't interesting to see how some artists with mental disabilities suffer when they take corrective meds to make them "normal"? Maybe it's better for all of us to be a little "crazy" and/or possessed by our muses?

I'm crazy. Are you?

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