Thursday, April 25, 2013

some people can jump, others, well . . .

This entry really isn't about jumping but rather about relationships. The relationships between people and sports and teachers and their students. Take a look at these photos. There's a lot of love here. That's what education is all about or rather what it should be about.

True education is about bringing the best out of people; to teach them how to relate to each other in a civil manner. It's not about making lots of smart people. We already have lots of them but do we have smart people who care about other people?

This pics are from the Bronxdale HS in (you guessed it) "da Bronx" NYC. It's a small school led by a principal (green sweater - Carolyne Quintana) who seems to me to be a wonderful person, maybe a good leader but I can't say since I don't work for her but the eyes don't lie. I looked through the critical lens of my camera and I saw happy, joyful people. We need more of that in our world.

I enjoyed myself doing this shoot. Happy people and sports = nice combination plus sharing the gift of jumping isn't bad either.

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