Tuesday, April 23, 2013

getting lucky in the dark

We all get lucky sometimes and I'm not talking about "that" kind of luck. As a photographer, light can be our enemy or our friend. When I walked into the huge dark cavern (otherwise called the Kingsbridge Armory) for a mayoral press event, the first thing I thought was, "Boy, I'm glad I have a good flash unit."

But the TV camera crews were already there and set up their very bright lights and the residual ambient light, fast glass (24 - 70mm, f/2.8) and quality low light sensors did their job.

The picture above is that of Mark Messier, an ice hockey superstar former player who was there with Sarah Hughes, another ice skater (2002 Olympic gold medalist in figure skating) to commemorate the announcement of what will be the largest ice skating rink(s) venue in the Northeast.

So, sometimes even in the dark we can get lucky.

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