Thursday, April 4, 2013

I knew something didn't feel right . . .

See these guys. They're crooked. The Belyansky brothers and Mr. Tsimerman were indicted today by the NY Attorney's office for the following:

Governmental bribery

Notice how they're NOT smiling. I took this shot on 3/7/13 (about a month ago) at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a really nice adult daycare center in the S. Bronx. These guys own the place and you would've thought they would be happy guys?

As I walked around and talked to them and others, I couldn't figure out why they looked so edgy and nervous. Now I know. First I simply thought to myself, "white guys in a Latino neighborhood and in suits?"

NY politics isn't looking good.

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  1. quis custodet ipsos custodeat as they say (who guards the guards)

    what happened to the people they tried to bribe?