Saturday, August 3, 2013

faces of jazz

How does music move you? What does your face do? Do you even have control of how it looks or do the musical frequencies resonate so strongly through you that your soul takes over. Maybe that's why there's a category called "soul music?"

These faces were from a Latin jazz (Afro-Cuban) concert given by Bobby Sanabria at the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in the Bronx. And Bobby made sure that his audience was fully apprised of the rich musical heritage of the Bronx - much more than I bet you ever realized.

See that spiral staircase. That's an example of a Fibonacci spiral. (Look it up) The most beautiful forms are those from nature and I include sounds in this category. When we as humans engage with these artifacts of beauty we are immersed in that which is beautiful. That's what makes us feel good.

Good music. Good architecture. Good faces.

". . . any place jazz is played is a sacred place . . . " - ArtBlakey

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