Tuesday, August 13, 2013

meet Flaco Navaja

Ever meet someone whose face said to you, "There's something very interesting about this person but I'm not sure what it is?" Well, I met that someone on a newspaper shoot I did recently and watching him through the critical lens of my camera, I realized that this certain someone had charisma to spare!

Here's a brief bio: Biography

Flaco Navaja is a singer, poet, actor, who is born and raised in the Bronx. He sings in both Spanish and English and has toured with various groups across the globe.

If Héctor Lavoe Boxed Rubén Blades and KRS-1 was the referee you'd get Flaco. A Nostalgic old sound with brand new spoken word.

Navaja’s original style of poetry combines singing, beat-boxing, and spoken word. He was the host of the legendary open mic showcase; “All That! Hip Hop Poetry & Jazz” at the famous Nuyorican Poets' Cafe. He has performed at national and international venues and events. In 2003, he toured internationally with the Tony Award winning Russell Simmons' DEF POETRY JAM and he has appeared on four episodes of the HBO series.

Navaja is a member of Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in several films & television shows. Including PRIDE & GLORY, FIGHTING, GUN HILL ROAD, LAW & ORDER, CSI NY and new webseries EASTWILL  

You should check this guy out. He's creative, funny, sings well, does great vocal impressions, moves well and  . . . . I guess one can say he has the whole package.

He doesn't know it but I used to have hair just like his. (back in the day - way back in the day, lol)

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