Monday, July 22, 2013

I went to shoot a Basketball All-Star event and a Jedi showed up!

One doesn't get to see a real life Jedi often but I got lucky this Sunday when I went to shoot Hoops In The Sun (H.I.T.S.) All-Star games. When the MC started talking about the upcoming Boys 14 - 16 game he kept raving about the "Jedi" who would be playing later.

Well, that tweaked my interest and I wanted to know if he had true Jedi Knight skills? Eventually, a young athletic looking guy with a real name of Jaquan McKenney (16 yrs. old) who plays for St. Raymond's HS showed up.

He didn't disappoint.

His ball handling skills were true Jedi-like in their movements. No light sabers, mind you , neither any levitation moves like Yoda but for a 5' 9" guard, they were quite commendable.

Here are some photos and the conclusive one - his award as MVP

Thanks Jedi. That was very enjoyable.

Wishing you the best in your basketball career.

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