Thursday, July 11, 2013

"I might live here but I've never been here"

Shorewalkers trip to Ward and Randall's Island

Isn't interesting to realize how you can live somewhere, see things that you've always wondered about but never actually go to these places? Well, when I found that my friend and former academic colleague was leading out a Shorewalker's trip, I jumped at the opportunity to go along and photo-document it. I even geotagged the photos (imprinted GPS coordinates so you can see where the place in the photo is on a map)

NYC is a large place with an abundance of history and that piece is always presented to the participants on these trips. Check out the Facebook album link above to see some of the things I saw today.

Meeting up with an old friend and getting to know just a little bit about my city was a nice thing. If you live in NYC, try one of the Shorewalker's trips. Who knows? You just might find out something you never knew?

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