Thursday, July 18, 2013

an icon to many, a friend to "little ones"

The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a hero to many people as a female Hispanic/Latina from the projects of the Bronx who has achieved the highest level of jurisprudence in America. So when she talks about achieving one's dreams and always striving to reach your highest potential, she is "walking the talk."

When I saw all those children with their bright "Dream Big" shirts anxiously awaiting their special guest at Fordham University, I too was excited to see a fellow Bronxite who has "made it" in person.

She didn't disappoint. When she walked into the room, her big smile preceded her. There was an aura, some people label as charisma, that surrounded her presence. And for me, looking through the critical lens of my camera, it was real.

She immediately interacted with the children and even came down from the platform that was set up, to mingle with them and ask and answer questions. What a great event sponsored by the Bronx Children's Museum on their "Environmental Day."

She clearly is one of my icons and as one can see in these photos, a friend of children.

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