Wednesday, December 18, 2013

this could be their last day on Earth

Had a shoot today at Calvary Hospital which is mostly a hospice for those whose days are severely numbered on this planet. When you go here, death awaits you yet on this day at their Christmas party for patients and their families, I saw smiles and an ineffable joy for those few days left to enjoy the remainders of their lives.

Not only did I enjoy being with these fellow travelers on life's path whose end was close at hand but the NYPD Emerald Society bagpipers expressed the same feelings I had. This was their favorite site to perform at.

Being there for those who more than any need the presence of fellow human beings is a "good feeling" - being human is being there for others.

Thank you for letting me share your existence through my critical lens.

Life is shorter than we realize. Live it well.

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