Thursday, October 31, 2013

the future mayor of NYC

What you see here is a coronation of sorts - an ordination, a blessing, an approval by spiritual leaders on a man who for them represents hope, fairness and justice = Bill DiBlasio.

This was the NYC Interfaith Clergy breakfast held in the Manhattan SDA church in the West Village in Manhattan.

On face value, this looks like a good thing but is he too liberal, too much of an opposite to the way things have been done politically for close to two decades in NYC? Are the rich and Wall Street looking on with a degree of trepidation? There's a lot of money in NYC and they aren't very happy about being taxed more just because they have lots of money.

Hmm . . . guess we'll all have to wait and see?

But like they say, if God is on your side, how can things go wrong?

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